Watching out for the Folk.
M: And still quite the smartass.

Would you expect anything less?

M: Nah. I just wanted to make sure you're still breathing.

/takes a bow/ Breathing and in good condition.

M: Uh.... Who said I was a hundred percent? But I am sure you're not immortal. :T

/amused smirk/

Did you come here for something or are you just here to question if I’m still here?

M: Since when are YOU immortal? -he laughs-

Since when have you been one hundred percent certain I’m not?

M: So you're still alive? I thought you would SURELY drop dead by now. -smirks-

You still haven’t gotten a dictionary? I’m sure you’ve heard the word Immortal being tossed around when addressing me.

if you were in the avatar: the last airbender world, what nation would you be in and would you be a bender or just a human?

Personally I don’t have a preference, but if it were based on zodiac signs it would be fire, though my sister’s kids argue that I would be either an earth or air bender.



Mm…… -fingers smooth over his idly- … S’fine

…//keeps bumping her head with his gently to make sure she stays awake

She’s’ok though.. ?

For the time being, she seems to be doing well. We’ll have to keep close watch over her with the transfusions, with this structure over the wounds it will be better to start those immediately in short sessions, but there didn’t appear to be any irreparable damage.

… It will take a while before things return to normal though. She’ll have to rest for the remainder of the possible surf season this year.

However, yes. She’s… okay. /face finally relaxes/



… -closes eyes- … -flutters them open-

-murmurs- T’red…

M-80; Gotcha, boss. //proceeds as she’s told

… is it okay if she falls asleep

I have to say not yet, she’ll be able to tell us better if anything becomes irritated if she stays awake a bit longer.

/removes gloves, gets new ones and thin sheets of a tan mesh, starts laying them over the cleaned bite wounds, taps a box and the top slides seamlessly into the rest of it, dabs the sheets to her skin with a damp sponge from the box/ This needs to stay on for five minutes then we need to wipe excess away with the towels and bandage the areas. /moves to take care of her arm/



-tilts head against his and hums in a broken low tone-

…  Feelsweird…


M-80; Don’t know anything about her, am I keeping up okay, doc?

LC; I brought the towels. 

Yes, you’re just fine.

/nods to the bag/ There’s a clear spray in the right side, put it on the towel and the blood will come off much easier, it can’t feel good its dried in places.

/returns full attention to cleaning Caly’s neck/ … It appears to be slowing. She’s lost a lot but we’ll start transfusions when she’s cleared.



… -squeezes Beast’s hand- … MnN-! … -hand twitches occasionally to prevent from shifting too much of the rest of her-

//bumps head against hers and tries making soft soothing noises

M-80; You got it, here’s.. this? And I’ll follow you no problem.

LC; //leaves the room to find what he’s instructed

Yes. Keep that and the tray between us and always make sure there’s enough on your tools. When the outside is clean, any large particles or flakes of tissue and clotted blood need to be removed to the tray, there’s sterile tweezers there.

/hands work quickly, flicks to another of the same tool and back when the wrist device has cleared away anything unwanted, checks over at M80 as well/