Watching out for the Folk.


…Do you..uh…know about Nin…….ah…haha….Naaaahhhh. I’ve got nothing else to talk about. //shrugs

I’ll try not to suck you dry if there’s a next time. 

/watches him/

/raises a hand to rub his temple briefly/ Alright. And if you are a vampire for a while yet I offer up a next time.


Pfft, literally. //ties his hair up/ One soggy gross towel, coming up Captain. //salutes and heads off to get the bathroom

//comes back moments later with a disgusted look on his face and holds out the towel

/collects a muffin and a pop and leans back against the table/

PfHaha /lays the towel over his neck/ This “soggy gross towel” feels nice and cleans up anything else. You’re free to go unless you need something else?


//removes himself and wipes his mouth on his sweater

You were….definitely a lot better than I expected….God, I feel like I could rule the world right now… //brushes his bangs to the side

Anything I can do for you…?

/amused smirk/ Your expectations were lower? Rockstar I’m wounded.

/holds neck and carefully stands/ There are small towels in the bathroom, if you’d get one wrung out with warm water and brought here, that would be appreciated. /starts toward the kitchen/


….Gladl y….//presses again Jason again and hovers over his neck

//curls his fingers around his shirt and gets back to work

Mm… Good.

… /returns hand up to twist some hair between his fingers before he drops his hand again/ That is all.


Yea..h, sorry; //backs up a few steps

I know you’re a doctor, but uh….you’ll be okay right?

Yes. /touches other bites/ I ripped you off of one and it seems a bit worse off than the others, get it for me before I clean the rest up, but only if you will behave.


GH—//gives him a cold glare and just about bares his teeth before realizing what had happened

//looks at Jason, but the quickly turns the the side

I didn’t mea n it…;

… It’s fine. /eases grip on his hair/

/touches neck with other hand/ … I know this shirt is black but I’d prefer not to get blood on it if you’re done.


mmmn„, //lifts his mouth off of his neck and eyes the blood on Jason’s neck

//narrows his eyes and bites down just as hard 

/curls a fist in his hair and pulls his head back hard/

What did I just say?


//licks around the wound before sinking his teeth in again much harder this time

//firmly grips Jason’s shoulders and presses against him

/grips his hair and tugs on it, growls/ Ease. Up.


Just hope you don’t taste good, then. //presses his hands down on Jason’s shoulders and bites into him slowly

Hm. /clenches jaw and inhales slowly/

/fingers curl in his hair/


//eyes widen as he watched Jason undo his shirt

I’ve….had a bit of practice after what happened with Punchy….You won’t need to do tha t………….

//hesitates for a moment before burrying his face into Jason’s neck

/rests a hand against the desk/ Even still. /slides other hand through Rockstar’s hair/ Precautions.